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Laser vkazivka 10 mW violet (blue laser)

Technical characteristics of the 10 mV violet laser link:

Color exchange: violet (blue) Dovzhin khvili: 405 nm. Power consumption: 10 mW Life: 2 x AAA batteries (not included) Material: metal Color to body: black Robocha sponge: 3V Vaga: 43g.

A blue laser is a laser, which is a kind of electromagnetism in the range from 360 to 480 nanometers, like a human eye can turn out like a blue color.

A 10mW violet laser with a pointer, with a laser diode, which is viprominuyu for up to 405nm.

Two elements of AAA type living are used for a wide range of applications, as in most models of laser connections. The Fioletova laser pointer is delivered in a beautiful case made of brass with a black obrobka, a chrome frame and a grip for the queen. It’s light, it’s possible to use a violet laser, to be located at the same range, which is like a human eye; However, it is given a light glimpse of the fluorescence of certain objects, for example, when pointed at beads, or papyr, the light of which is brighter than the laser itself. With victorian laser vkazivka varto memory

With the vibration of a laser pointer, it’s for yourself that you will be victorious for yourself, for whatever purposes you will be victorious.

Fioletova laser vkazіvka at 10 mV for presentations, professors, students and people. To show about

Fioletova laser vkazivka maє svoy perevagi:

– Prepared from high-quality material, so to serve you for a long hour; – Compact і nadіyna, hand-made design allows you to carry the pointer in the cistern or handbag; – In order to turn on the laser, press the button, and let it go; – Manually show on the be-yak bazhana meta: projection screens, monitors, presentation graphics; – Ideally suited for viewers, visitors, politicians, managers, engineers, etc .; – With the opening of the violet laser pointer, the Vikoristov introduced new technologies in optics and microelectronics.

Technics of safety for robots with laser communication:

Do not let the laser light shine in your eyes. The laser promin is not safe for the eyes, whether any contact can be brought to a non-negotiable turn, especially on the face. Do not allow the laser exchange to be consumed by the mirror, or even to the surface when it is inserted.

Be a caress, trim the laser pointer in a place inaccessible to Packages – acresofland.fashion24.com.ng children (especially great exertion), so as to eliminate injuries. Remove the battery from the laser pointer if you don’t use it. Do not worry about self-repair or repair the laser order, let the professionals know.

Vikoristannya laser vkazivok (zokrema, great effort) can be used in many countries. With such a rank, you know from the legislative base of the country, the first step is to take the decision about the purchase.

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